Our lands

Our fields are located in the foothills of Mount Olympus.
It is a family-run business, which is cultivated organically with care. The globally known ‘‘Wonderful Variety of Pomegranate’’ can be consumed as fruit and juice too.

Ρόδι συγκομιδή 2 - Ωδή στο ρόδι

Why organic

ωδή στο ρόδι - Ωδή στο ρόδι

Our fields are free of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. We use only organic fertilizers as provided by the rules of organic agriculture. This way we offer consumers fresh, tasty and pure food while respecting the environment and the natural life cycle of ecosystems.
Our crops are tested and certified as organic by Q-check Bio.

Our competitive advantage:


Throughout the process there is no use of any form of additives (sugar, colorants), any kind of preservative, nor dilution of the product.

Our scientific partners

All the scientific data and advice and the analyzes have been made in the Food Engineering and Agricultural Products Processing Laboratory which belongs to the Department of Biosystems Engineering of TEI of Thessaly in cooperation with the company research and innovation in food technology RENOVA.
ωδή στο ρόδι

Our products